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“A parable for Endeavour

is indescribably beautiful.

mindblowingly profound.

Moves from the ridiculous to the sublime in 40 minutes.

none of the above is hyperbole.”



‘Through the rain, alongside the cliffs, we climbed to the Lindon Space to view a surprising and mind-fizzing film revealing the making of delicate and intriguing work.

A collaboration between shingle, brine, tide and three human beings’

"I feel moved to say that I was bowled over by the nature of what you three lovely artists have made.


The film really does have a unique quality and that is coming from someone, being an art film junkie, who has seen so many in his time.


As the film progresses It enters you on many levels. I will when I get the chance to chat in person tell you a few of the emotions and impressions that I went through but for now will simply share the sense of is ‘otherness’ that it gave me.”

"One the best 'art' films I've seen. Absolutely loved it." 

commissioned for the SALT Festival 2016

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