A collaborative project based on the game of the same name.


Anna Braithwaite invited Myah Chun Grierson to create a graphic score inspired by a text/artwork/object of her choosing.


She responded to Amanda Gefter’s article written for BBC Earth, ‘The Strange Fate of a Person Falling into a Black Hole’. Myah presented the MCC with her graphic score from which they improvised a musical reaction without knowing the source material.


The ‘whisper’ was passed on again during the performances at Free Range 02/02/17, Profound Sound on 03/02/17 and Turner Contemporary at 'Oscillate', on 03/06/17 to artist, Helen Lindon, who reacted 'live' to the improvisation she heard without knowing the subject.

Concept - Anna Braithwaite, Graphic score by Myah Chun Grierson, music created and performed by members of the Montrose Composers’ Club, 'action artist' Helen Lindon.

All pics by Andy Aitchison

charcoal on arches paper 

110cm x 110cm

5 minutes

all images & writing © helen lindon