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‘In The Loop’ will be the latest manifestation of an ongoing, iterative project intended to continually metamorphose and develop in unexpected directions. It began in 2017 as a conceptual piece called ‘Chinese Whispers’, a collaborative work based on the game of the same name between Anna Braithwaite, the MCC, Myah Chun Grierson and Helen Lindon. 


The next stage of this collaborative project called 'In The Loop' saw Anna and Helen combining spontaneous fine art with improvised music. It was premiered at Profound Sound festival in February 2018. Anna and the MCC created tape loop recordings of instruments playing E flat and B flat held notes which, when relayed via a bank of cassette players, produced a warped, unpredictable ‘drone’.


Helen used this soundscape as a source of inspiration for a work using ink and brush, created live on a rotating canvas. As Helen’s piece unfolded, it acted as a graphic score for Anna to interpret using her voice. Her vocals then fed back into Helen's artwork, making it unclear who was leading whom. See video.


Helen and Anna are currently experimenting with colour and the effect it has on the generated music, and on June 1st they have been invited to take the piece to the Rambert Studios to explore its potential with choreographer Luke Ahmet as part of the Rambert's 'Playground' scheme for professional artists.


Luke, Helen and Anna will develop the piece further to include a live dance element which spontaneously interprets the music in real time. With the tape loops as a driving force, all three artists will react to each other live, creating multiple feedback loops until the process becomes completely egalitarian.



The Playground is at Rambert Dance Company:


"We are happy to announce Rambert Dance Company dancer and choreographer Luke Ahmet is joining us this Friday.


Luke will collaborate with composer and singer Anna Braithwaite, and fine artist Helen Lindon. Through sound and images, they will collaborate together to explore looping and patterns in our own behavioural movement, what can trigger a loop within us from movement, and how it feels to be left out of a loop."

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